Mobile App Survival Guide for Appreneurs

While the average entrepreneur may have grasped the concept of intrinsic mapping out the best business strategies to unveil a successful mobile app startup, many mobile app developers and mobile app marketers are still struggling with lack of sound strategic plans, which could ensure success on the launch of the app.

It is true that competition in the mobile app business has grown so fierce because of the over-saturation of apps in all industries. Businesses that develop mobile apps as a value added feature of their business, does not have much to lose. However, there are companies and developers whose goals are to develop mobile apps exclusively for mobile app startup businesses.

The latter group of entrepreneurs needs to have a solid business plan, strategies, and goals, which will ensure the success of their mobile app startup upon launch. Yet, almost all startups are prone to errors ranging from app development mistakes to poor market research. These errors can be quite disappointing in the event that they lead to failure upon launch of the startup.

Therefore, it is critical for mobile app entrepreneurs to map out a foolproof plan, which will enable one to learn the best strategies for developing the app as well as marketing it with much success. There is also the need for one to realign the goals of the startup to reflect the best practices that court success.

Business Practices Critical for Success in a Mobile App. Venture

  • Market Segment

This is probably the most important factor to be considered when developing a strategy for a mobile app startup. The market segment plays a vital factor in determining the success of a business.

The foremost factor to consider concerning the market of a mobile app business is the targeted audience. There is the need to research, analyze and conclude about the demographics of the targeted audience.

Who are they?

What are their needs?

What are their preferences?

How is your mobile app going to solve their problems?

These are some of the questions one needs to know about the target audience. Proper knowledge of the demographics of the audience will help one to develop an app, which meets the needs of the audience. Moreover, knowledge of the audience is important in helping one to develop the best services that resonate with the market as well as develop the most efficient marketing strategies.

The app should also target a wide reach of audience. A wide reach of users determines the success of the app. Therefore, accurate marketing is needed

  • Design

Knowledge in the targeted users of the app is also critical in determining the most suitable design for the app. Although aesthetics are critical for making an app appealing to users, there is more to a good app design than just aesthetics.

A successful app should be designed with features and functionalities that are interactive to users. Consideration should be made to ensure that it is easier for a user to access all the features and functionalities in a manner that add unique experiences to the users.

The user interface (UI) and functionalities determine the performance of the app. This, in turn, determines the value, which the audience will draw to the app. Value has a direct correlation with success.

One way to ensure great functionalities and performance of a mobile app is through having a proficient team of beta testers to pre-test the app before unveiling it. The team should focus on ensuring that everything from the back-end to front-end is superbly working according to desired solutions. Any errors or bugs should be fixed before launching the app.

  • Provide a Solution

There is always the need to offer solutions to problems that people encounter.  A mobile app should provide convenience to users by being able to solve a challenge. A user should view the app as a necessity that adds value to life by solving a specific problem.

Therefore for your app to be successful, you should consider doing a research on the problems which people face and how the app is going to help them solve either of the problems and add value to people’s lives.

  • Provide Infrastructural Upgrades

Proper implementation of the API design calls for continual upgrading of the app. As the users of the app increase, there is also the need to upgrade the app. This ensures that there is the continuity of good performance of all the features and functionalities.


A mobile app startup may seem like a challenging venture, but with the correct provision of a reliable service, one can reap big from such business. It is extremely vital for an entrepreneur to collect market data, which can help one determine the best move to undertake in mobile app development. Then, and only then will one stand a chance to survive and succeed in a mobile app business.