Things you should know about responsive web design

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are playing a huge role in our daily lives as consumers, and having proper navigation on your website can determine whether your brand booms on the web or not. So why is it that it’s often such a vital topic to cover? I’ll explain why in a moment, but first let’s begin with what responsive web design is.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive design is a process that design agencies or freelances designers do to make sure that your app, or website in this case is built and optimized properly to fit perfectly on your device without content overlapping each other. This process optimizes your website to stretch or shrink to the full width of any of your devices – from mobile devices and tablet PCs, to laptops and desktop computers, so that all your customers are sure to spend more time on your online store.

The importance of responsive web design

So how important is a responsive website?

Just like how I mentioned in the previous post, Google highly recommends that your business or your personal portfolio website be responsive. It’s so important that if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it won’t be considered on their search engine ranking list. Why do they recommend you do so?

  1. It makes it easier for uses to share and link you content with 1 URL.
  2. It helps Google algorithms accurately assign index properties to your page.
  3. Requires less engineering time to maintain multiple pages for the same content.
  4. Reduces the possibility of the common mistakes that affect mobile sites.
  5. Requires no redirection for users to have a device-optimized view, reducing load time.
  6. Saves resources when Googlebot crawls your side for SEO purposes.


If your website is improperly optimized for mobile, you need to consider it in order for your brand to get noticed and respected. So now that you know more about mobile responsive web design, you can go out and start implementing these tips. If you still have questions, and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact us for free advice on where to begin, and will get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can give us a call.