Why your business needs a website redesign

3 main reasons why your business needs its website redesigned

A few weeks ago, we at RidgeWeb decided to redesign our online portfolio website. Some might wonder why we decided to make this move. There are a number of reasons as to why we did it, and we want to share the reasons with you.

Web design isn’t a once off thing. Just like you wouldn’t wake up one day and decide to put on clothes and say that you’d wear them forever, the same shouldn’t be done with your business’ website.

It’s important to change your website’s design regularly. Okay, now I don’t mean all the time, but it’s best to change your website at least every 2 years. Here are 6 reasons that you will want to get a website redesign:


  1. Not getting the results you want out of your online portfolio

Putting up a website and just forgetting about it hoping that someone will come and see it isn’t enough, actually it’s just step one of many other things to do to attract visitors.

One of the reasons why we at RidgeWeb decided to change the design of our website is because we weren’t getting any staying clients – though we had a beautiful website, we still weren’t seeing the results we wanted. So we decided to create a new online portfolio that is fresh, something that will help us help others better, with more functionality and use for our online visitors.


  1. Your business’ strategy has changed

So if you’ve been to our old website and compare it to this new one, you may have noticed that we have new additions to our previous services, where we were focused on just landing pages and online portfolio websites. Now we’ve added new stuff, where we are more focused on walking with you to online success by providing rich content for your brain to consume. We’ve added a blog, which is powered by WordPress CMS, a content management system that helps you easily manage your stuff – but that’s a story for another day.

So why did we do this? We chose to redesign our agency’s portfolio website to cater for the new services which our old website couldn’t have done like, a blog with industry tips and tricks for you to use to help make your visitors stay longer on your website, including insight into new web technologies available out there. This is the second reason we chose to do this.


  1. Better Responsiveness

I can’t stress enough how important responsive design is. Although our old website was already responsive, I thought I should just add it as well. So what is responsive design? It’s a web design approach that aims to help craft to fit perfectly on all devices from mobile to tablet/iPad and desktop as well. Responsive design is so important that Google recommends having your website responsive for better SEO ranking on the search results that Google gives you. But we will write more on this another time to give you a deeper understanding of​ responsive design.