The Holy Grail of Startups

Innovative Tools that can Help Startups to Improve on their Productivity

In the recent years, several ecosystems of entrepreneurial startups have been mushrooming in various part of the world. Technology has been playing a significant role in the establishment and growth of a large percentage of these startups. However, interestingly, a big number of these startups fail within the first five years of incorporation. According to Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten startups are bound to fail. This is because, weirdly, innovative startups have been failing to optimally leverage the same technology that aided in their establishment and development. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs who establish startups have brilliant ideas and strong technical teams. Yet, there is never a guarantee that these two dynamics can yield to a sustainable business. It is rather somewhat challenging for an entrepreneur to be successful with a startup while working on a tight schedule or has little skills and experiences needed to run the venture. It would require several years of meticulous market tests and experiments for one to gain the experiences required—talking into account the interplay of other factors: changes in market preferences, technological advancements etc. It is, therefore, prudent for an entrepreneur to take the advantage of various tools that could help in analyzing the business so that one can formulate better decisions on managerial support required and proven strategies needed to yield better productivity.

Online Tools that Can Help Business Boost Productivity

Technology has created many avenues for the management to be able to execute the overall business strategy and strategic objectives to advance the success of a startup. This requires careful planning and thought to for the management to come up with strategies that will ensure that everyone is motivated enough to improve their performance so that they can maximize business productivity. Innovative toolkits that can enable a business to enhance their performance include:

  • Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management tool that helps businesses to create and track the roadmap of a project in one place. This helps to keep the staff on the same page while ensuring that every staff member has the same understanding of what is supposed to be done and when. Tracking the progress of a project through Basecamp also helps businesses to be able to accomplish every task/ objective set, regardless of whether the task is big, or even the small ones that can be easily forgotten. In addition, the history of a project can help businesses formulate the best strategies that will increase effectiveness as well plan on future strategies. Moreover, new workers who join the team also feel that they are part of the project because everything is clear to them and they can easily understand their mandate in an organization.

  • Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a visual board on which a business can load projects and visualize all businesses processes that pertain to a specific project. The tool also enables businesses to track the progress of various processes pertaining to a project and provides analytics that can be used to formulate effective objectives and business decisions that can increase the performance of the business. The ability to visualize businesses processes is also handy in ensuring that every person working on the projects has a good understanding of the specific processes that one has to undertake.

  • Asana

Asana was developed with the view of enhancing the performance of teams. This tool provides the best resources for collaboration at work, by enabling teams to track their projects as well as track specific tasks meant for team members in one place. The tool is also beneficial in enhancing proper scheduling of work to team members.

  • Aha!

This tool provides a roadmap for project managers to track all their business activities. The tool can help startups in prioritizing business ideas and objectives by highlighting the most significant objectives and the values that they add to each other. A project manager can track specific objectives to ensure that they are executed in a manner that engages other objectives in accomplishing the overall strategy of the organization. This enables startups to build ideas and strategies that will enable goals to be achieved at a specific release date when the overall objective should be met.

  • Trello

Trello is a free project management tool that is useful for startups to build, track and analyze their business objectives. It has great features such as the members involved, their task, a checklist of the resources to be used and due dates when objectives should be met. This helps the entire team to collaborate and stay organized.

  • Knowlium

Knowlium was built with the desire to enable the successful building and executing of business plans. The tool provides a deeper insight of management and strategic planning which is important for startups with no business history. It helps to guide startups on the most effective planning strategies that should be met to ensure great business productivity. Other great tools include: Slack, Contriber, Toggl and WebEx, just to mention a few. Bottom Line Careful planning and execution of business strategies can be enhanced by ensuring that a business is able to track all the activities that pertains to specific goals and objectives. It is important for startups to take advantage of the various online tools that can be used to plan track and analyze the various activities needed for successful execution of goals. This eventually helps businesses to accomplish their overall objectives in time as well as maximize productivity.